Friday, December 5, 2014

Chicago TARDIS 2014


Surprisingly an update! lol

Haven't been around here much, had a BIG loss awhile back but surprisingly wasn't hit by it that hard.

Anyways, I missed the 2nd LI Who this year because a VERY LATE train and nonrefundable train tickets. As a worker and help I was very pissed and I know surely I won't be asked to help out next year which pisses me off! >.<
So... Chicago TARDIS was very laid back this year. Very. In bed by 1am all nights and sleeping by 2am! Crazy right?! IDK maybe it was just something in the air this year? lol Only did a bit of cosplay and two panels but for the first time I help one of my best buds who works for Alien Entertainment work in the dealers room! :)

Got to meet Billie Piper and Noel Clark! Had rounds of breakfast with Nick Briggs (with tons of backup bacon)! (Voice of the Daleks!)

And finally did 1 of my 2 final costume contest outfits. After 2015's Gally I'm leaving cosplay competitions. Yep!

Cosplays for this weekend were (of course) Martha Jones, Abbie Mills from Sleepy Hollow and The Playboy Bunny TARDIS!

The real meeting between Martha and Rose! (Will update with a proper scan later!)
Friends? Not sure about that...

Martha and her man Mickey! (Will update with a proper scan later!)
Abbie Mills!
The ever lovely Taylor bought me a real Sleepy Hollow badge for my Bday! :) It went wonderful with my outfit. But I didn't like it 100% needs a new jacket but anyways.

Here's The Playboy Bunny TARDIS!
I actually danced for the contest! I was totally freaked out about but as walking of stage one of my friends shouted "CAN'T DANCE MY ASS!" Lol :D



Well Q is off! WOOSH! <3

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