Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yes, No, Maybe So?

Hello World.

So... It's 2015 who saw that coming? LOL
Well I've been toying around with the idea of starting a new blog for ages. I think I'm basically about to which should be exciting? Well... Maybe new at least.

I may start writing soon but I might hold off until I can workout getting a new laptop, since my imploded. 

This stuff is totally outside my wheel house but has been something I've wanted to try.
I'm thankful to my 1st boyfriend for leading me down this path in 2011
(Seems like a lifetime ago! LOL)

And I'm sure everyone is wondering what this blog is going to be about!


Hee! Super excited!

I've done some Mixed Martial Arts and while fun I sure I'll never sadly be a wrestler. But I can be a total smark, talk crap and pout opinions online! YAY!

One final note... Wrestling or MMA it is and always will be CLOBBERING TIME!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Why everyone needs to LEAVE IGGY AZALEA ALONE!

Just want to say this stuff usually isn't the kind of thing I comment on but today I felt the need...
Why all the hate?
What makes Iggy Azalea any different and or worse than say - Kanye West or Snoop? 
He just might...
It would be one thing if Iggy was lambasting rap and 'black culture' BUT SHE ISN'T!
She grew up liking something and followed her dream of wanted to be like those she admired. Just like every other person in sports, music or acting. She went after something she wanted and got it.

I think she grabbed one of Vince's 'brass rings'
In relation to Iggy's awareness of 'race issues' what does she have to express or comment on?. She can stand on the side of the #blacklivesmatter argument but why are people insisting that she must shout this out to the world with a blow-horn when so many others in the 'media spotlight' have remain mum on the issue?

People may be right with the notion that Iggy's awareness and/or understanding of 'race issues' is a bit off BUT everyone seems to FORGET she's NOT AMERICAN! She's from AUSTRALIA!!


'I come from a land down under' a lyric that most people holding the pitchforks won't understand.

90% of Australia's population is of European descent mainly split between English and Irish. Those of 'African/African American' population may well be less than 0.001%. My Australian friend has said he'd only seen one Afro. American person growing up, and even today he rarely sees them.

Twilight doesn't get as much hate. But it should
Iggy raps. Nothing is said about the countless other artists who accents aren't heard when they preform - take Adele, Amy Winehouse, Estelle, and Lady Leshurr for example. Hints of their accents can be heard but the same with Iggy when they preform it is mostly hidden. Even with countless actors many don't use their natural accent.

The backlash seems to be mostly motivated by Azealia Banks who comes off as being nothing but jealous of Iggy's success. Everyone into top 40 music around the world now knows who Iggy Azalea is with her string of hits led by the song 'Fancy'.
Fancy Smanchy
I'd and many, may others had never even heard of Azealia Banks before the press started going crazy tripping over themselves to write about a silly feud push mostly by Azealia.
For one thing instead of putting all her energy into trying to slam and put down Iggy, Azealia Banks and her PR people should you know focus on her music? Because I've never heard this chick on the radio! That has nothing to say on her talent, but where's her mainstream acclaim and public knowledge in relation to her music?
Still haven't heard her on the radio...
Banks and her PR also need to attempt to prepare her image because she comes across as a childish, jealous, whiny child who's crying and trying to snatch someone else's doll because her's is missing an arm.

Let's all allow this dumb crap to die off and actually focus on the talent of both women instead of pushing for both of them to slam each other for the hell of it.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Chicago TARDIS 2014


Surprisingly an update! lol

Haven't been around here much, had a BIG loss awhile back but surprisingly wasn't hit by it that hard.

Anyways, I missed the 2nd LI Who this year because a VERY LATE train and nonrefundable train tickets. As a worker and help I was very pissed and I know surely I won't be asked to help out next year which pisses me off! >.<
So... Chicago TARDIS was very laid back this year. Very. In bed by 1am all nights and sleeping by 2am! Crazy right?! IDK maybe it was just something in the air this year? lol Only did a bit of cosplay and two panels but for the first time I help one of my best buds who works for Alien Entertainment work in the dealers room! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lack of Black Women in Comic Writing

          I'm an African American women, seeing people like me in fields that I wish to go into is important. It means that I'm not alone, I have people I can look up to. I'm not saying that I can't look up to people not of my race, but with those of my race we have a shared experience.

          Ever since I was a young child around age 10 or 11 I had a huge interest in writing. I loved it, I would write stories in notebooks and create story-lines in my head. During my senior year of High School I took a creative writing class that helped me decide that writing was the career path I wanted to take, I loved writing and story creation that much.

        So I went to college for creative writing, I learned a few things but there is something I did notice during my time in my BA program where I think the problem begins. I was studying creative fiction writing. I was 1 of up to 7 black people (all women no men at the time) in my program, and they were studying poetry except for 1 other women.

I know there weren't that many black women as fiction writers to start with. But where are the black women writers and creators in the comic industry?!? But I know over time collectively the number of black women wanting to write comics has to have gone up? But through all my research I haven't found any information on any black women working in the comic industry. I've asked around, my tweet has gone around to "big" comic people, and no one has anyone's name to give me, or any answer for me.

           As a young writer I can't even find any way to break into the comic industry to help change the statistic that there are no black women working in comics.
The "Diverse" Gender in Comic Book Panel @ SDCC

           At SDCC this year there was a The Gender in Comic Books Panel which really upset me. I know there is quite the unbalance in men to women ratio in the industry, and it needs to be talked about. But on the other hand we have the lack of other dynamics in the field being totally ignored!!!! Not one person of color sat on that panel! NOT ONE! And they called the panel diverse! I mean the issue race in comics isn't even being talked about! It's really upsetting.

It shouldn't just focus of black women, it should focus on all under represented demographics in the comic industry, and allowing new blood to break in.


Friday, May 31, 2013

Doctor Who and Race

I have a piece In the upcoming Anthology 'Doctor Who and Race'! Which is due out in July.
I wrote an essay titled 'Humanity as a white metaphor ' with Robert Smith?

This book is causing a firestorm, because people are judging the book without reading it, which is a shame. I say read the book first before passing judgement.
' Doctor Who and Race' is about cultural significance of race in the programme, which is very important.

Not just criticising Doctor Who

You can read more about the book here

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cosplay Gallifrey 2013!

Finally an update!

Had a great time at Gallifrey this year! Thanks to everyone that help me get there, from the bottom of my heart I am thankful! <3

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You and Who

You and Who
is now available from Miwk Publishing!!!!!

The Second book I've ever been published in is out now!!!! How exciting!!!! :)

My essay is titled: An Origin Story

Edited by J.R. Southall, "You and Who" is an anthology of stories, written by fans, in which those fans reveal how, and why they became Doctor Who fans.

Starbust Review

“It's a wonderful idea,
and I'll be sure to buy the book.”
Robert Shearman
(author The Chimes of Midnight, Dalek, Tiny Deaths, Love Songs For the Shy and Cynical)

All book proceeds go to Children in Need!

Buy it here!