Monday, December 5, 2011

My Cosplay From Chicago TARDIS 2011

Posting some pictures of me in my costumes from the other weekend at Chicago TARDIS. Which was (one thing withstanding) AMAZING!

First up is my Tegan! :) I <3 this costume, I like Tegan, I know a lot of fandom seems to dislike her but oh well. I think her and Janet are just awesome sauce! I didn't get any pictures with Janet at TARDIS this year cause I met her at Gally earlier in the year. I'm happy to say she DID remember me! XD

Five/Tegan GLOMP OF LOVE! <3 Me and this lovely Michelle.
Next Up is me As Romana 1 From 'The Power of Kroll'. This costume kept getting mistake for something else. lol A few of the Brits thought I was some Captain person from some Thunderbirds puppet type show. I just can't remember what it was called... Oh well.

My Dalek dress made a come back this year as well. I only wear it to Chicago Tardis cause it's easier to travel with a dress bag a shorter distance. I did leave my neck rings at home though so that kinda made me sad but oh well.

My big pride and joy this year though was my Rani costume! More of a challenge than my Leela costume I consider this to be my first big real cosplay sewing project. The top was made out of furniture fabric, and I used a modified karate top pattern to get the shape. I was a bit sour towards the costume for a while, but I've mostly gotten over it. The top near the shoulders needs taking in some.... So any ways...
Here is my baby The Rani.

Ignore the messy room! LOL!!

I don't have on my earrings or my eye makeup in this picture so, it's not the best rep of the costume so uh, yeah sorry about that...
:) Just wanted to share with my fellow cosplay buddies! I know this might sound crazy but I'm already planing costumes for gally and next years Chicago Tardis!

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  1. Your dalek dress is the coolest thing I've seen in a very long time.

    Massive respect.