Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome back to the world

Hello everyone, I know I haven't blogged in a while. Excuses, excuses, been having a wild few months going on here. Some awesome heights and some deep lows. Now I'm still on the mend but time heals all right? Now that I have sometime before I go back to school I'd like to do some blogging that enters into the fandom realm.

Where am *I*?
Because as an African American Woman I am apart of the minority in all the circles I run in. The mainstream will never truly honor my viewpoint, I'm almost invisible. Also because in this day and age people claim to be so tolerant but are closeted pig minded a*sholes. Oh the twisted world we live in, but that's a rant for another time...

Anyways I want to offer my unique viewpoint on what I see happening in the fandoms where I play. I want to be hear and valued!

People are ranting about the lack of women involved in the DC reboot, the lack of women is insane but I'm guessing at this point they are so far removed from their fans they could care less; also where are the creators, and artists of different race? I haven't heard too much on this but it might be too taboo. Although the racist howling over the new Spider-man seems to show the massive close-mindedness of a lot of fans out there, and that shit hurts.

Already I don't have much too look up to in figures that look like me, and whenever someone tries to break down these insane walls people shit allover it. There is a gaping hole where the people of different races have superheros or idols to look up to and aspire to be like. It's a SICK injustice and I want to speak out on it!
Actress Janet Fielding and I!!! Me as Tegan with the real Tegan!!!

Hell even in one of my all time favorite fandoms (Doctor Who) lacks anyone for those of different backgrounds to admirer. Yes I'm the one cosplaying as white characters who I like! Don't get me wrong I LOVED Martha Jones, even though RTD wrote her shitty just because she wasn't his mary-sue Rose Tyler, but I don't want to be limited to just her few costumes when I want to cosplay. Some people have said somethings but to hell with them I just wanna have fun like EVERYONE ELSE!

I want to be a writer. The creator who is making characters that more people can find common ground with. I want to have more options in the geek world! Everyone one should want that!

I'm gonna change pace with this blog. Nothing is gonna be off limits, comics, T.V., manga, music, cosplay, I'm gonna explore more in this geek world that I live in and I hope your gonna go along for the ride!

-Quiana (She Geek)

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