Saturday, March 3, 2012

Write up on Gallifrey One 23

I was looking though photos today and realized I never did a write up on my favorite moments from Gallifrey One.

For those who don’t know Gallifrey One is the largest Doctor Who convention, and it takes place in Los Angeles, CA every February. ‘Who’ fans call the convention ‘Gally’ and this year was my second time out. Since I left LA in 2011 I had been waiting, and counting down the days until Gally 2012. I had an amazing time, even better than the year prior.

As a girl from Michigan who hasn’t traveled much, I am forever stuck by the amazingness of LA. For the time I was out there the weather was lovely and the sun was shining. My flights were nice and relaxing, and as soon as we were over LA I was excited.

Every Gally I get to hang out with friends I only am able to see a few times, or once all year. But the number of times I see these people doesn’t matter because our friendship just restarts from wherever we left off at. I find it to amazing the sense of warmth and friendship at such a big convention. For me someone who doesn’t have very many friends in my day to day life, Gally makes me feel so liked and loved. Friendships are built, fixed, and made at Gally through this mutual love of Doctor Who fandom and it is awesome.
Me and Friends! <3

Gally has some of the best Doctor Who cosplayers around. I’m always gob smacked by the high level the cosplayers set every year, and I’m glad to have my little costumes along in the awesome ocean.
Awesome Cosplay!

One of the best things to me about going to cons is being able to meet and interact with those who are involved with your favorite show. Meeting the writers, actors, and directors is so much fun, and I’m always amazed at those who come to cons and meet their fans.

I was in awe of Paul McGann (The eight Doctor) all weekend, (every time I saw him I let out a loud, happy yelp). I got to meet him and get a photo. He shook my hand and introduced himself to me as Paul, (as if I didn’t know who he was, that was why I was there). He said my name and I nearly melted. Yes… I took the photo as a chance to wrap my arms around him, and it was LOVELY! I had to scream in the hallway afterwards BTW. ;)
Me with the HANDSOME Paul Mcgann!!! :D <3

For the second time I got to meet the LOVELY Louise Jameson (Leela). I was dressed in my Leela outfit and my friend let me have his K-9 in the photo as well. Louise remembered me! That made me super happy! She was still in love with my costume too. After the photo she grabbed my arm, smiled and said “I had to spend an hour in makeup to get my skin to look like yours,” We both giggled, and still grinning like a madwoman I floated off, but not before hearing her ask the camera man for a copy of our picture. : )
Me, K-9, and the sweet Louise Jameson! :)

Another amazing thing I’ve learned is that some of the kindest, friendly and funniest people to hang out with are writers. Someday I hope to be seen as a writer, but while I wait for that to happen it’s awesome to spend time with those who work in the craft. At this Gally I was able to spend some time with the brilliant, sweet, and hilarious Phil Ford, Richard Dinnick, Nicholas Briggs, Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? Laughing, drinking, talking, in some cases singing with, and generally slumming around with these guys most definitely counts as one of the highlights of my weekend.
Me and several awesome writers

This year was so special in so many ways. The memories made this year are ones I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I and others I know are already making plans for next year. It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, and I know it going to be huge and very special. If you’re not planning to go you should be.

-She Geek (Quiana)

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