Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My stomach is full of strawberry pancakes. IPod at the repair shop. Cat, Elmo on my foot. Duran Duran flowing from the speakers. Red shirt with Tardis key around my neck. One couldn’t say I’m not a dedicated fan of my patchwork quilt of fandom. When your 7 year old sister wants to watch the 5th Doctor’s stories, you’ve done something right. Hell I even have a Doctor Who tattoo. But I digress.

So much for my plan to blog every day. Oh well, I’ll try again.

School is about to start next week, and I have no desire to go back at all. Being alone all the time makes me sad and grumpy, but I don’t want the hassle of the work.  I’m taking 5 classes again, and can feel the stress climbing up my legs. Sigh. Going to school will help me to be a better writer but the truth is (or what I think it is) that if you’re a good writer it’s already there. You have it. School teaches you the outlines, the formats the hard core info, but the substance, the core is there in you or not.  I question sometimes if I have it. Will I ever get the chance to prove myself? I wonder.  I want to write that’s all I want to do. I want to live it every day, breath it more than I already do. I know, but I don’t.
Sorry for the gloomy tone there that’s just my mindset on the career thing at the moment.

Moving on.

 My therapist is teaching me how to sew more things to help with my depression.  It’s quite interesting. I can make some things but struggle on other things. We tried a pillowcase this week, and I just couldn’t do it. LOL. Ripping seams over and over again the anger! If I can’t make a pillow case how can I make my secret project for gally? I question me so much. I need to stop but I can’t! Working on it.

She Geek Out.

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  1. I have to go back to school next week too! Not looking forward to all of the work load again! I'm sure you'll do fine though! & you have a very unique twist to your writing, so I think you will be fine when it comes to writing and your career! Just try to stay positive girl!