Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From Kalamazoo to LA. My trip to Gallifrey One, Part One

                Gally is the biggest Doctor Who convention in the world. It’s all types of awesome and it’s held in LA every February. This year will be my second year and I’ve been overly excited about it for MONTHS!  
This entry is all about getting to LA!

  8:36 AM. My cell phone which is charging on the floor on the other side of my bedroom goes off. Still sleeping I’m startled by the ringing sound and I spring up in bed and attempt to reach it. I promptly fall out of bed and hurt my leg. It’s my mom on the other end. She just wants to talk to be before I leave and warn me to be safe (She thinks I’m five lol.) but the call has already put me into a grumpy mood. I kind of fuss with the boyfriend because I’m feeling stressed. A few deep breaths later I’m feeling better and I apologize. Feeling more even, I finish getting ready. I comb my hair, get dressed, and finish packing. After giving my cat Elmo hugs and kisses he didn’t want, Jason and I are out the door. There’s one stop to make before heading to the airport, I need to get money from the bank. With that done we hop on the highway and towards the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek airport.
I check in my luggage (For 25 bucks!L) and get my ticket and Jason follows me up to the security checkpoint. At this point he can’t go any farther and I’m overcome with sadness. We hug and kiss for a few minutes, I remind him to feed and give Elmo water, and to not kill my rambunctious cat. And with that gloomy I head though the check point with my purse, laptop, and I even have to remove my shoes.
                10:00 AM I head towards my gate which is right there because the airport in my city only has 4 or 5 gates. I get another phone call from my mom while I’m waiting and I talk to her and she tells me to have a good trip. I call Jason as I board the plane, and I miss him already. I have to fly to Chicago from Kalamazoo to then get the flight to LA. The Chicago flight is SUPER SHORT! I’m only able to listen to 3 songs and get in a slight doze before the captain announces we are arriving at O’Hare airport. It was about a 30 – 40 minute flight. The flight was MUCH easier than driving or getting the train to Chicago but MUCH more expensive. It the trip wasn’t on my dime so I was an okay expense.
                I’ve only got about 40 minutes before my connecting flight leaves. So I go in search of some food. O’Hare is like a huge city instead of an airport, there’s EVERYTHING there bookstores, tons of food, clothing shops, but anyways. You see I had been on a diet though Medical Weight Loss since January before my trip to get into shape in order to fit into my costumes. I’m down 13 pounds which is great but I still want to lose more. Anyways I’m off the diet for the duration of my trip because eating well while at a convention is VERY hard. I’ll get back on the bandwagon when I get back home. I end up grabbing a 6 piece nugget, a yogurt parfait and a frappe’, stuff I wasn’t allowed to eat before. I kind of regret it because I already feel fat and my stomach is complaining!

                I get onto my LA flight around 11:35 and get my window seat right next to the wing, which I love. The plane is packed but I’m not bothered. I talk to Jason telling him I’m about to take off for LA, I also call me grandmother who was shocked about how quickly I got to Chicago. I even text my aunt in Florida to tell her I’m heading to LA, she wishes me a safe trip. I’m sitting next to a really nice girl who’s heading to LA for a modeling shoot! (Super COOL!) We talk about Chicago, the crappiness of winter, and clothes as the plane takes off. After a while we are able to get out our electronic devices and I pull out my IPod and Laptop. On some flights American Airlines offers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi and of course I use it!  I check and update my Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.
                In my e-mail my friend Peter has sent me the voiceover for my skit and I utterly love it! He’s so fantastic at voiceovers and he is always willing to help me out, which his GREAT! After the free Wi-Fi is cut off I watch the Doctor Who DVD I brought along with me, one of my all-time favorites “Talons of Weng-Chiang”. (Swear I’m gonna do a write up on how AWESOME this serial is someday) I have so much LOVE for the pairing of Leela and the Fourth Doctor! (Now only if I could get the boyfriend to cosplay The Fourth Doctor everything would be set! LOL)
                11:52 (LA time) I finish my DVD just as we’re flying over the breathtaking, snowcapped Rocky Mountains, and decide to make a trip to the bathroom to stretch my legs.
1:57 I’ve done some writing on my story and some blogging and we make our descent into LAX. Smooth landing and everything flight wise went well. I get my suitcase and head to the shuttle that will take me to the LAX Marriot! I meet some other Who fans on the shuttle who have also come for the convention.  I then meet up with my friend Andre’ and help him get stuff from his rental into his room. (Lots of booze! LOL) We talked and then head to In-and-out burger to get food. I’d never been there before so it was cool. Also as a bonus we got to watch Air force one fly overhead and into LAX.
That’s all for today I’ll try and write more tomorrow! J

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  1. Cool blog!! Wish I was with ya!! Have fun & post pics as soon as you can!!